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We are looking to hire a talented PHP Developer to manage our back-end services and ensure a seamless interchange of data between the server and our users. As a PHP Developer, you will be responsible for developing and coding all server-side logic. You will also be required to maintain the central database and respond to requests from front-end developers. To ensure success as a PHP Developer, you should have in-depth knowledge of object-oriented PHP programming, understanding of MVC designs, and working knowledge of front-end technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Ultimately, a top-level PHP Developer can design and build efficient PHP modules while seamlessly integrating front-end technologies.

PHP Developer Responsibilities:

  • ✦ Conducting analysis of website and application requirements.
  • ✦ Writing back-end code and building efficient PHP modules.
  • ✦ Developing back-end portals with an optimized database
  • ✦ Troubleshooting application and code issues.
  • ✦ Integrating data storage solutions.
  • ✦ Responding to integration requests from front-end developers.
  • ✦ Finalizing back-end features and testing web applications.
  • ✦ Updating and altering application features to enhance performance.

PHP Developer Requirements:

  • ✦ 1 to 4 Years of Experience
  • ✦ Degree in Computer Science or similar field.
  • ✦ Knowledge of PHP web framework Laravel.
  • ✦ Knowledge of front-end technologies including CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5.
  • ✦ Understanding of object-oriented PHP programming.
  • ✦ Previous experience creating scalable applications.
  • ✦ Proficient with Git.
  • ✦ Familiarity with SQL databases.
  • ✦ Good problem-solving skills.